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Look at little Spoonman. He is full of all sorts of overblown delusions and confusions. But since they are contained inside form of character, and so are masked behind singular dramatic persona, weighty pompous pill is easier to swallow - for you and for him. And though, he operates with agenda that extends well into next millennium, and in many ways is great pain in the ass, gift that character brings is its ability to direct our attention to playful and more forgiving world of invention, just beyond the reach of time and suffering.

Scripting/Character Design (Electronic):

2001: THE DISNEY CORPORATION w/ Abbe Don Interactive
Consultant, Writer, Interface Designer

1998: SUN MICROSYSTEMS w/ Abbe Don Interactive
Writer on Comic for JINI software launch - Episode One

1996-1997: ELECTRIC MINDS, INC. - Palace Virtual World Creative Director - Artwork by JIM WOODRING - Bonfire Area - Avatar Construction Wall

1996- WiredIn, Inc. - Interactive Online Prototype -
Writer/ Designer - Character Set

Interactive Prototype Design - Character Set

1994: AMERITECH, INC. (Chicago) w/ Abbe Don Interactive - Interactive Television Interface Design and Production -
Early Character Sketches
1994: AMERITECH, INC. (Chicago) | Sports Guy Versions and Final Voice-over
1994: AMERITECH, INC. (Chicago) | Comic Versions and Final Voice-over

1994: TeleCircus Story Generator - Triptych Entity

1993: KALEIDA LABS - Interactive Television Interface Design -
Big Honking Virtual World

Character and Interface Design/

Character Design (Theatrical & Musical) ...>

Live Performance & Direction ...>

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