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WILL: Hi everyone! Will Clicker here!, snaeking up on our biology, tweaking our ecology, and reinventing our mythology. My wife, Lara, is always saying I need to control myself on this subject, but I find that really hard to do! I know it's true that half the world has never even made a phone call. I know that but just wait. I know that most of the world's governments are racing like mad to understand the changes all around them, but just wait. But just wait! We are living in zoomin' times, and that's why the Clicker Report is here to keep you INFORMED. But there's more here than the Clicker Report. There's our whole family, each with their own perspective on the technology that surrounds us. So, come on in meet them all; Lara, and the kids, R-Chi, Tina, and litle Clickette. Just make yourself at home. And then be sure to check out the Clicker Report for up-dated news, information, and consumer reviews of all things digital.

Rough (not final) Sketch: Mark Petrakis

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