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For eleven years now, ANON SALON has brought its distinctive and interactive touch to the Bay Area art and technology scene.

We raise theme parties like our annual Sea of Dreams new year's parties. To these we invite artists, musicians, technologists, djs, and dancers, and so the fun begins. Our pARTy/SCIENCE focus underscores originality, freedom, and imagination. As such, we have had to keep pace with an enormous amount of change, and the ever-changing nature of our crowd reflects that.

Over the last several years, inspired in part by the Burning Man phenomenon (to which we are all long time participants) the nature of pARTy-cipation has changed. Increasingly, folks are coming in costume, with concepts attached, and with something to share. This is more than fine with us. This is the way it should be.
The initial idea generated by its founders, Joegh Bullock, Marcia Crosby, and Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis was to provide a meeting place for people on both ends of the art and science, club and technology communities to meet and mix.

Anon Salon has its own website at http://www.anonsalon.com. There you will find our mission statement, a list of all our past parties, plenty of images from those parties; some videos, and even a few QTVRs.

If you would like to attend or just sign up for the e-mail list, drop me a line at spoon@well.com. Tell us something about the person behind the address.


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