sf/Telecircus Side Show

The TeleCircus Sideshow surrounds the mainstage. It is the broader, more inclusive level of the TeleCircus. There will be a free movement from here, to and from the mainstage. All participants will eventually be accessible inside the sideshow context, which will continue to expand as the scope of what is covered here expands.

Brain Box Comix

Brain Box Comix is a free underground digital periodical that features the work of new eclectic comic artists.

Club Foot Orchestra

Club Foot Orchestra is an aggregation of perversely independent musicians that coalesce at various times to perform live and to showcase and record the rich scores they have composed for undersung classic movies.


The interactive music/muchomedia ensemble: engaging, extraordinary blends of techno-tribal world funk, audience participation, digital percussion inventions, "show toys," imagery, dance, and song.

Labyrinth Phassions

Labyrinth reinvents the experience of fashion by merging it in a sensual way with the passion that underscores our taste for the beautiful. Phassions and Costumes. Dance and the play of forms.
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