Brain Box Comics

HI, and welcome to Brain Box Comics! The following comic strips are samples from the last few issues. Brain Box is the first free digital underground comic book of its kind and I hope it will convince more cartoonists to use this untapped medium. Unlike superhero comics, "Underground" comics have been around since the 60's and are still strong today. They are usually produced solely by the artist and this allows full freedom of expression uncensored by advertisers or editors. Unfortunatly, this means they are very low budget (usually xerox & staple) and low distribution. As a result, most of the world misses out on this raw & very personal medium. By going digital I hope to share this art form to people who wouldn't get a chance otherwise.

See you next issue,
Dana Muise (Editor)

Allard Laban is a San Francisco computer artist, and he brings you his raw humor with his comic "Jail Bird".

OH NO! IT'S BUG EYE JOE! He's got one big eye and a nose for trouble, (and he gets hurt real bad!) Comics by Dana Muise.

Greg Fiering has been seen in underground comics nation wide, with his angst ridden character "Migraine Boy!" (Your head will throb with laughter).

From Cambridge, Mass, a sad tale of "Urine" by Ron Rege.

Here's another quick comic of your favorite bubmbling boob, "Bug Eye Joe!" by Dana Muise.

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