Flathead's Welcome

FLATHEAD: Oh, this is too much excitement. After a long period of unemployment, Flathead, minor media celebrity, is once again behind the wheel, ready to show you around electronic art playground that is sf/TeleCircus. I am so excited for you too. Flathead may be way too excitable. Still, it's a big day for everybody!

What to do here? Just point and click your way around. If it takes a long time to bring up what you have clicked on, it usually means the file is big, big, big. Check on the file size listed next to the selection. We have tried to make the selections here worth the time. Your feedback is welcome.

Everything here will keep changing. That's what I've been told. That way, I'll be on this gig for a good long time. Now, you just go ahead, click and melt your way to fun and excitement.

Flathead's TeleCircular Viewpoint

Follow Flathead as he tours some of the highlights of the TeleCircus.
Click on Flathead's TeleCircular Viewpoint.

Flathead Guide

Upcoming events and happenings around the Bay.

Flathead Romps (Quicktime 203k)

Comic Book style tours featuring Flathead and friends as they bounce through past San Francisco live events.
Use the step contoller
to click through the QuickTime stack, frame by frame (203k).


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