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The Cacophony Society is a randomly gathered network of free spirits united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society. You may already be a member!

Guy Fawkes Day

On November 4th, in the year of our Lord, 1605, an Englishman by the name of Guy Fawkes placed 30 kegs of gunpowder under the building where King James the 1st was to address the House of Parliament. Although the fuse was never lit, the event is well remembered in English history. To celebrate this historic occasion, we will throw a party and re-light the fuse with a game of intrigue. Each participant will be given a password which will identify them as a royalist or a rebel. During the party, the password can be slipped into ordinary conversation in an attempt to identify fellow team members. One of the rooms in the house will be the "Bomb Zone." When the bomb goes off, anyone in that room will be declared dead. The team with the most survivors wins. Only Guy Fawkes knows where the bomb is and the King will try to arrest as many rebels as possible. We will play about 3 rounds of the game during the evening.

When: Saturday, November 5th, 8:30 PM
Where: Call for SF location. Event limited to 30 participants.
Bring: English food such as "pasties," "bangers," "mash," "chips" or any baked, boiled or preserved item (fresh vegetables are prohibited) and English drink such as Bass ale or beer. Period costume or any style of English dress is encouraged but not required. No explosives please!
Your host: Toby Beerwalt, 415-431-0938

Bras Across Golden Gate Park

After receiving nearly 10,000 of those upper body supports, Nicolino has invited folks to come by and snap together a mile-long chain of bras. This chain is on its way to the Grand Canyon next year. Bra donations are still being accepted.

When: Saturday, November 19, 10 AM to 3 PM
Where: Sharon Meadow, Golden Gate Park (East end of the Park, where Fell St. curves South)
Info: Nicolino, 510-237-3939

The Cacophony Meeting

Hear the stories, see the photos, plan future events.

When: Monday, November 21st, 8:00 PM
Where: Tommy's Joynt, Van Ness & Geary, SF, upstairs in the back room.
Bring: $ for food and drink

Photo Treasure Hunt

You will be given a list of 24 items which are located in the downtown area. The objective is to find and photograph as many items on the list as possible. After the film is developed, the prints will be attached to a poster and the winner chosen.

When: Saturday, November 26th, 11 AM to Noon.
Meet: At the cablecar turn-around, Powell & Market. Look for the tourist wearing a red jacket. In case of rain, meet underground at the Bart Station tourist center.
Bring: 1.) Camera, 2.) one roll of film with 24 exposures, 3.) $10 for 1-Hour developing and expenses.
Organizer: Reynold Adams

--------------- FUTURE EVENTS IN THE PLANNING -------------------

The Santa Claus Escapade - Imagine a ragged bunch of cheap-suit Santas, staggering drunk, mooning cable cars and other such mischief. Planning meeting at Specs Bar, Sunday, November 20 at 6 PM. Call the Kris Kringle Institute 415-759-7673 for info.

Night Of The Toaster - A mysterious manifestation takes place on the streets of San Francisco.


November 23rd is the deadline for December event listings.

--------------- SOUNDS LIKE CACOPHONY -------------------

Scrapture is an art exhibit of recycled materials Nov 17 thru Dec 3rd. A special art car party and will be held on Thursday, November 17th, 5:30 to 8:30 PM, 511 Main St. in the city of Martinez. Free admission. Info: 510-372-6974

------------------ SPECIAL NOTICE ---------------------

Kill Your TV would like to thank the participants who helped with the massive clean-up of 500 demolished TVs on October 22nd. On Monday, a city street sweeper and a crew of six arrived with a Work 0rder authorizing a three-day clean-up. The job supervisor, after staring at a street which was cleaner than most in the city, declared "There must be some mistake." and then departed.

Also, the record for Most Emergency Vehicles, which had been held by the Los Angeles Cacophony Society since May 10, 1992 for their UFO Landing at Vista Del Mar has now been reclaimed by San Francisco. There are three requirements for an event to qualify for this dubious claim: 1.) No one is seriously injured. 2.) No damage to public or private property. 3.) No arrests.


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