Welcome to Joe's Digital Diner

"For A Byte You Cain't Beat, Its The Best Food You Cain't Eat."

Now you're probably wonderin' what the heck a Digital Diner might be. Well it's that all night truck stop on the info interstate where the coffee's always hot. Check out the diner, chat a while, pile on a short stack of Quicktime , and download a list of our Blue Plate Specials.

Here in San Francisco, the Diner is also a real space: part of an artist-run center focused on new media and storytelling. All events are located at 3435 Army Street, Suite 222, in San Francisco in the combined studios of Dana Atchley/D3TV and the San Francisco Digital Media Center. Contact us through email- jello@well.com or call 415-824-9394.

Copyright 1994 Dana Atchley and Joe Lambert.

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Joe's Jukebox

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Special events

Click here for a list of this season's Blue Plate Specials: Diner Events/Home Movies Workshops/Tools of the Trade.

Guest servers

Click here to get some real personal service from our lineup of well travelled and outrageous guest servers.

Now Serving: Joe Lambert, Futzie Nutzle & D3TV

Chat 'n chew

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