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For me, story that is grounded in the physical and naturally comical side of our condition wields the greatest influence on us. Character is born in the body, and it is through the transference of imaginary acts and mysterious identifications, that we are able to raise experiences that reach beyond our own individuality.

In 1987, I was visited by a character named Spoonman, so complete in gesture and voice, that I had little choice but to rearrange my priorities in order to bring him and his world to life.

When I stumbled upon my first computer, a few years later, it became clear to me that if it could amplify thinking then it could also amplify storytelling. I have tried to use it for that purpose ever since.

Electronic Stories:
By 1993, I was involved with the new media business in helping to design and build virtual worlds as well as the design of characters who would inhabit such worlds. User interface work followed from that. A commitment to personal content, to helping people get their own stories up and online has always been a priority. Whether in graphical multi-user worlds, in virtual communities, or in user interaction projects, effectively supporting deeper communication has been my prime motivation.

The last few years I have worked with a variety of presenters, researchers, academics, and business people in order to clarify and develop their message and presentation style, as well as producing their presentation media.

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