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Every show is another opportunity for some kind of collective conversion. A show is a collection of stories designed to win the undivded attention of an audience. Whether for the sake of amusement or transformation, the ultimate goal of any show is to turn passive spectators into active participants.

Theatrically, I have directed and produced in a variety of formats, including operas, vaudevilles, magic and puppet shows. Included in these are original productions of my own work in opera, puppetry, and circus.

Beginning in 1987 and continuing for six years, I produced large-scale performance events called COBRA LOUNGE. 1991 inaugurated Anon Salon, an art nightclub experience that retains it's popularity ten years later.

In 1992, I produced and directed a well-received interactive performance show for SIGCHI called "High Wire", featuring many of the top names in the world of interactive art. In 1994, I produced and directed an art/technology conference called "Art Teco". In these type of venues, I regularly showcased technology performance and installation art.

pARTy/SCIENCE, founded in 1995, has produced numerous conferences and events for clients such as Publish Magazine, The SF Symphony, The Young President's Organization, and J. Walter Thompson.

I have produced video, music, interactive media and presentation graphics for most of the shows and conferences I have directed.

In 1997, I began an affiliation with the Institute for the Future, in association with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to create a series of conferences and presentations on the future of health and health care that in the past two years has traveled around the country.

In 1998, working with the Institute's Outlook Project in association with the Asia Foundation, I directed, and helped design a conference in Hong Kong on the Future of Information and Communications Technology in Asia.

Audio/ Visual:
In the course of producing shows, conferences, and events, I have worked with top designers and top industry audio visual companies to produce and integrate high end lighting, lasers, FX, sound, video, and presentation graphics, in 35mm, digital animation, and all video formats

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