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Design asks for interpretation and orchestration of media resources to meet a particular challenge. All solutions are or should be specific. Design that integrates, rather than isolates, that plays rather than dictates - these are the qualities that can transform problems into opportunities. Being resourceful, conversational, and receptive are keys to effectrive communication.

My design perspective is largely influenced by my work in the theater. The key variable in the theater is the audience. Theater cannot exist without it. What does it take to reach an audience? What is the experience that any designer is trying to awaken in that audience?

Set designers, sound designers, lighting designers, no less than web designers all must ask this question. And in their answer, is contained their design philosophy.

Once that philosophy meets life, and takes on a rhythm and intensity of its own, we can begin to evaluate its effectiveness.

What is a virtual world? What defines interactivity? What makes a website useful and engaging? How artful can something practical be? As I have in the past tried to answer these types of questions, I continue to do so, now and into the future.

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