The TeleCircus is the old art-transformation performance reinvented for the pre-millenial shakedown. Inside of the "Big Show" context, we will attempt to build a choice selection of some of the more interesting eruptions taking place inside the artso-digital world of San Francisco. Here you will find a community adept at making it up as they go along. Some work digitally, some do not. Such distinctions have no place in the world of the circus, in the world of "real-imagination". Change sweeps us along. Here on the Web, we find a way to look forward and take in a 360 degree view at the same time. The view is inspiring, the performers daring, the excitement building.


Click on Flathead to get the lowdown, to see what's up and coming in San Francisco, or to take a roving romp through Bay Area events.

Cobra Lounge

COBRA LOUNGE is an eclectic electronic vaudeville that plays once or twice a year and showcases new and unusual artists working in both digital and analog mediums. Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming shows.

Burning Man

BURNING MAN is the work of a diverse group of local artists who construct a 40 foot tall figure on wood and neon. Each labor day weekend hundreds of participants travel to the Black Rock desert of Nevada for three days of celebration, culminating in the ritual burning of the great wooden figure.

Cyberlab 7

CYBERLAB 7 is a digital arts and graphic collective that has been producing computer graphics and rave-style events for several years now. Their work has been seen nationally on tours with the Womad festival, Billy Idol, and the Stone Temple Pilots.

Joe's Digital Diner

JOE'S DIGITAL DINER Now you're probably wonderin' what the heck a Digital Diner might be. Well it's that all night truck stop on the info interstate where the coffee's always hot. So check out Joe's Digital Diner, chat a while, pile on a short stack of Quicktime , and download a list of our Blue Plate Specials. As we say at the Diner, "For A Byte You Cain't Beat, Its The Best Food You Cain't Eat."

The Residents

The Residents recently celebrated a lot of years doing the Residents. With a lot of albums, a lot of very far-out videos, and recently some equally edgy CD-ROM projects, such as "Freak Show", the Residents remain who they have always been. Everyone else seems to be changing though.

Anon Salon

Anon Salon is a nearly monthly party/ reception that showcases a broad range of local art, performance, and new media. Mostly though it's a good excuse to party in a very different kind of environment, and meet the folks in a different kind of context.
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