The language of the global village in the 21st century will be visual, interactive and navigable. We call these environments - visual realities - since they combine virtual reality technologies with digital video and other computer graphic techniques. CyberLab 7 has an experimental multimedia team that creates these sonic/visual realities in real-time using a variety of video synthesizers, video samplers and video mixers. Using these tools, we have created visual realities with a number of bands in the past couple of years. The applications for these visual tools will eventually spread to all areas of human life, but artists tend to be the first to use them creatively. The following quicktime clips show some selected productions.

Stone Temple Pilots Tour, Summer 1994: (689k)

The Stone Temple Pilots opened their summer 1994 tour with the number 1 record on the Billboard charts. CyberLab created 3D animations and digital video to make over 70 minutes of music videos unique to each song played on the tour. A member of the CyberLab team toured with the band and mixed the images live during the shows.

Messiah Band - Music Video, January 1994: (731k)

This hot techno band out of England has an underground club sound. CyberLab created a visual music experience that captures the info-overload feeling of the music.

Cyberpunk Album, Billy Idol, June 1993: (748k)

Billy Idol entered the world of techno music with this album, bringing in the Overlords to do the remix and CyberLab to create the music videos.

Tonight Show performance, August 1993: (629k)

CyberLab performed a real-time music video on stage using custom-built video synthesizers, video samplers and digital mixers.

Realia Band - Visions of the Goddess Music Video: (646k)

This music video was designed as a unified visual/sound composition. In other words, the visual elements are treated in the same way as the sound elements to create an overall multimedia composition.

The multimedia ensemble has also performed at numerous raves, galleries and other events and has had their work shown on the BBC, Canal Plus in France, NHK in Japan and on MTV, Arsenio Hall, Lollopalooza and elsewhere in the US.

Copyright 1994 Cyberlab 7