If we don't ultimately stop the destruction of our shared Biosphere, humans will no longer walk the earth in 100 years and the current vogue of apocalyptic, dystopian visions will become a reality. This won't happen - humanity will adapt to its changing circumstances and modify its lifestyle accordingly. Technology can be used to monitor the health of the Biosphere providing us with the cybernetic feedback we need to make life-oriented decisions.

We are developing a number of seed projects to learn more about possible 3rd millennium lifestyles.


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We chose the word teknofemme to remind us of the natural connection of women and technology. Techno, the root of technology, is from the Greek word for art. Women have created and evolved technologies from our beginnings as toolmakers. Teknofemme is dedicated to empowering women with online technologies. We offer Journey in Cyberspace - flight training for the Internet to help women become active participants and creators of the global communications network.


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We can be certain that the lifelong learning environments of the future will not resemble schools as we know them. But what will they look like? Haven designs working models for 21st century "collaborative creativity environments" that blur the artificial boundaries between learning, work and play. We are dedicated to sharing the best ideas and resources on learning that exist today. We offer online support for teenagers seeking to design their own unique learning paths and apprenticeships as an alternative to school.


We have created an Internet center dedicated to the emerging Global Village culture. We have forums on potential 3rd millennium lifestyles and technologies for improving the health of the biosphere.

United Nations Media Centers

We are working with an organization called WorldLink to create a series of multimedia installations for the United Nations that will demonstrate how technology can be used for life-enhancing purposes. The first of nearly 100 installations will be made in Geneva in April, 1995 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UN.

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