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CyberLab 7 is a virtual medialab of artists and technologists exploring 3rd millennium perspectives. With a core group of over 20 people and an extended community of approximately 100, we have a large resource of talent and skills. Our ages range from 16 to 50 years and our skills cover everything from 3D animation to dance, from object-oriented programming to existential psychology. We invite dialogue on how to make life a more ecstatic experience for more of the world's population.


We are inspired by people who can rise above the general cynicism and bring their vision to reality: Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama and Martin Luther King are a few of our guiding lights.

We draw on the work of Rachel Carson (ecology), Abraham Maslow and Carl Jung (psychology), Gregory Bateson (systems theory), Norbert Wiener (cybernetics), Maria Montesorri and John Holt (education), Robert Hartman (axiology), Ilya Prigogine (autopoesis), Marshall McLuhan (for his vision of media in the Global Village) and the many other visionaries that are pointing the way to a new view of society that lives in harmony with its biosphere.


Main Hardware: PowerMacs, Pentiums and Indys; Novell Net, PAR Cards, Radius Video Vision Studio, HP Scanjet, Apple Quicktake

Main Software: Adobe Premiere & Photoshop; Autodesk 3D Studio, Autocad, Animator Pro; Xaos Tools Terrazo and Pinello; Aware Software's Visual Rhythms, COSA After Effects, Video Fusion and Newtek's Video Toaster.

Special thanks

David Ray, Mark Petrakis, Nancy Rhine, Matisse Enzer, Brenda Laurel and Fen Labalme for assistance and inspiration and to everyone at WIRED for their visionary work.

CyberLab Core Staff

Dan Mapes - Founder; Brett Leonard - Visionary and Board Member; Michael Lewis - Visionary and Board Member; Claudia L'Amoreaux - Artist, Teknofemme founder and Board Member

Mike Agnew - computer art, musician; Jody Baxter - video artist; Muruga Booker - musician, yogi; Mark Buchanan - computer art, programmer, musician; Ron Ciron - video production; Arthur Faria - 3D animation; Lucia Grossberger - computer artist, interactive programmer; Hooman - special event production; Nathan Hopkins - composer, producer; Rob Mapes - digital video, musician; Zoe Mapes - graphics, video artist; Capn Petersen - video artist, project manager; Annie Phyo - digital video, 3D animation; Matt Raftery - special event production, lasers; Gabriel Rene - musician, composer; Shane Saxon - 3D animation; Jim Schliestett - musician, programmer; David Schultens - digital video; Cory Smith - project management, digital audio; Bobby Wilder - computer networks, system design; Kurt Wobken - digital video, project management; Ryan Yoshimoto - video artist, system design

One of our team members, Annie Phyo, created this movie (2.3MB-yes, it's long but it's cool! Get up and dance while you're waiting for it to download). We think the piece will give you a good idea of our intentions.


Our thanks to the people at The Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota who created the extraordinary animation of a sphere eversion in the video Outside In. Visit them at their URL ( You can order the tape for $39.95 from AK Peters, 289 Linden Street, Wellesley, MA 02181. Email

Web Weavers: Dan Mapes, Claudia L'Amoreaux, Kurt Wobken, Zoe Mapes with special thanks to David Ray and Mark Petrakis for excellent coaching.

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