Club Foot Orchestra - Backstage

notes by Richard Marriott

Current personnel:

Richard Marriott     Brass, woodwinds, synthetics, compositions
Beth Custer          Clarinets, keyboard, compositions
Steve Kirk           Guitars, compositions
Miles Boisen         Bass/Guitar, compositions
Sheldon Brown        Woodwinds, compositions
Matt Brubeck         Cello
Elliot Cavee         Percussion
Catherine Clune      Violin
Chris Grady          Trumpet
Deirdre McClure      Conductor
Nik Phelps           Woodwinds, brass, compositions

Some past players:

Snakefinger, Eric Drew Feldman, J. Raoul Brody, Opter Flame, Dave Barrett, Gino Robair, Josh Ende, Dick Egner, Julian Smedley, Steed Cowart, Arny Young, Dave Kopplin, Doug Morton, Bob Lipton, Kaila Flexor, Kenny Wollesen, Jason Marsh, Bonnie Kane, Neil Kaku, Bruce Ackley, Eugene Chadbourne, Matt Heckert, Karl DeLovely

Recordings and Videos by Mail

Nosferatu Video                             $20
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Video               $20
Pool of Thanatos Video                      $20

Metropolis/ Pool of Thanatos CD             $12
Sherlock Jr/ Felix Woos Whoopie CD          $12
Kidnapped/Wild Beasts CD                    $12
Nosferatu audio cassette                    $10

T-shirts (100% cotton, specify M-L-XL)

Nosferatu (red or black)                    $12
Caligari                                    $12
Metropolis                                  $12
Sherlock Jr.                                $12
Retrospective                               $12


Complete Retrospective                      $5
Metropolis                                  $5

Postage & Handling:

$3 first item. $0.50 each additional piece.

Make checks or money order payable to Club Foot Orchestra.
Include your phone number in case we have any problem filling your order.

Send all correspondence to: Club Foot Orchestra PO Box 193202 San Francisco CA 94119

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