The Wizard of Emergencies

Someday soon, big change may come for you. One day maybe you find that, like Spoonman, your right eye sees with both microscopic and telescopic powers, your left eye is good only for instant replays, what you will do then?

One day maybe you find that, like Spoonman, your head expands and contracts with size of your dreams. What you will do then? What you will do when your body temperature falls to level of lizard? What then?

Spoonman has found blanket, eyepatch, warm hat, Cocoa Krispies, and big spoon. What you will find? Spoonman, now he is ready for big night. What you will be ready for?

Fortunately for you, if finding answers to such stupefying questions has you rolled over a stump, there is a place you can turn to for help.

Spoonman founded Spoonman Studios in 1993 to provide fresh entertainment and media solutions to the info-drenched hipsters of the new wazoo.

Spoonman Studios offers out-patient care and home visits for those who seek a new angle on the media dangle.

Spoonman and his "Melt-O-Media" design group are adept at providing idea-intensive, imaginative, and cost-effective solutions that will make you and your horde look downright wizardly.

Spoonman has served as an independent creative consultant to a range of technology companies such as Apple Computer, Broderbund Software, Morgan Interactive, and Kaleida Labs, as well as to advertising agencies such as Jamison, Cawdry, Benjamin and J.Walter Thompson.

His voice overs can be heard on many CD-ROM projects, (Tortoise and the Hare, Wacky Jack's, Carmen Sandiego, Prince of Persia I and II) and his Spoonman Opera Company of talented vocal actors is featured on Broderbund's "Alien Tales" CD-ROM game, due for release in early '95.

As you may have noticed, Spoonman is also artistic director of sf/TeleCircus. With the help of Webmaster, Dave Ray, he has plotted this fresh approach to a new medium. We will gladly field requests on the design and implementation of Web-based brochures and promotions.

More bang for your buck, without a doubt.

For further information contact:

Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis
Spoonman Studios
573 W. Fairview Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941
415.381.5622 (phone & fax)