Show business (and all storytelling for that matter) is directed experience - invented, sustained, and delivered to an audience. The greater your insight into that process, the greater will be your enthusiasm for it, and the easier it will be for your audience to share that enthusiasm with you.

conference and event direction

scripting/character design

media design

Let's look a little more closely at this phenomenon called show business.

Magical Appearance, Ritual Participation, and Transformation.

• The moment begins before you say a word. It is the gesture of welcome as you walk onto the stage. With this initiating action, and with all that follows, you build your context. You then proceed to introduce us to the possibilities. You tell us what's important, and what's not. In those first few moments, you fix our attention on something previously invisible. This is your first great focus opportunity. (Magical Appearance)

• From the audience perspective, there exists an unspoken agreement to support you in your effort to engage us, provided you meet us fully halfway. If you do not block us, if you listen to us (even in the midst of your speaking), if you give us time enough to follow your lead, we will support you, and we will do it as a group. At some point along the way, we, as a group, will take notice of the process. We will acknowledge you for the experience you have helped us create together. The second great focus opportunity allows us to take in your message. (Ritual Participation)

• Your story, and our coming together as a group leads us in a new direction. If you have clearly marked the course, if you have supported us along the way, if you have listened well, allowed for our concerns, and made room for humor along with other unexpected responses; then the chances are good that our collective attention will hold the course with you all the way to that promised new direction, where the desired outcome that brought you before us in the first place will be revealed. The third great focus opportunity transfers responsibility to the audience. (Transformation)

pARTy/SCIENCE can help you to identify and build your story, put it and YOU in the spotlight, and help you to deliver it in a way that will effect a positive change for both you and your audience.

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