Jolly Wally's Wonder Follies was a small circus that roamed Northern California around 20 years ago. There were 4 of us at core plus various musicians. We did magic, balancing, tightrope, puppetry, and music.

The trailer at the left was 13 feet long complete with two trapdoors and a fold down roof.

From left to right that's me, Don Pistachio, then Garance the Magician, Cockamamie Beaucoups, his assistant and future wife, then Lorenzo Q. Cumber, an extraordinary human being. Then the musicians, sweet Annie of the Viola, Steve the guitar player, and the Trombone Player who I think was named Fred, but probably wasn't.

We not only performed together, but we lived together as well. That was one fun house. Gary and Amy still do magic, and Larry is a psychic in Miami.

Life may be a symbolic circus to most. Jolly Wally helped make it a literal one for me.

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