In the year and a half I taught at Davis, this 13 Postcards piece was the one piece I remember most fondly. The students and I made up this ridiculous physical piece based loosely on an idiot's path to enlightenment. It incorporated all the elements I most enjoyed - the very same elements that had brought me to Davis in the first place.
I had gotten the job due to the support of two incredible people who taught up there, Dan Snyder (at the right. with another of his many phoney noses) and William Wiley (below with black hat and harmonica). After seeing me in a Michael McClure piece in the city, they thought I would be perfect for one of their "Out our Way" art vaudevilles. I was. Those were incredible life-changing experiences, and they convinced me that spectacle did not necessarily require rehearsal, and that in art, humor ultimately must be triumphant. Them was teachers.
The juggling cowboy is me. This was a show at the Herbst Theatre that kicked off a Wiley retrospective at SFMOMA.

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